We use widely respected assessment tools to measure skill areas that require intervention.  As a team we decide upon a prioritized list for the order in which the skills will be targeted.   Each of the skills that we target require organized and skilled data collection, so we can gauge progress.  When we look at progress we want to know how quickly the skill is being acquired.  When there is a break in the instruction and practice of a skill, is the new knowledge lost or can the child remember what was taught after that break?  Each skill’s data collection may vary depending upon what information we’re trying to discern regarding said skill.  Vital Behavior Services trains caregivers and staff members to collect the information we are looking for so that we may make relevant decisions about the child’s programs and help facilitate necessary improvement.  We want the child to progress at a pace that is comfortable to him/her, which means not too fast and not too slow, but differs on a child by child basis.  This can be achieved through meaningful and careful data collection.