Using parental interviews, student observations, and widely used Verbal Behavior assessment tools, the Vital Behavior Services team crafts individualized programs for your child’s Direct Instruction. Direct instruction can be provided in your home, at the child’s afterschool center, or at school (as appropriate). Depending upon the child’s needs, peer interaction could be beneficial and incorporated. Our highly skilled staff will work closely with parents to create programs that are effective, realistic, and useful in the child’s everyday life.

Some skills we focus on are:

  • Using appropriate communication skills (words, pictures, signs, or technology) to request items and activities
  • Decreasing inappropriate behavior, including selfinjurious behavior (SIB) and selfstimulatory behavior (Stereotypy)
  • Improving social skills: initiating and sustaining play or leisure activities with a peer
  • Independent leisure skills
  • Independent homework and organizational skills
    Encouraging and reinforcing comments on the environment using words, picture exchange systems, sign language and augmentative communication devices
  • Increasing independence in the community and at home