Vital Behavior Services offers a “Parent(s) and Me” class specifically for families of children with special needs, taught by a Certified Special Educator and supervised by a Certified Behavior Analyst.  Classes are grouped by age and ability level, from 20 months up to 5 years, geared towards all children with any type of developmental delay.   Children come to class with a family member so they can learn strategies for improving social, behavioral, and language skills at home and in the community.  It is a structured class with numerous 10-15 minute hands-on activities throughout the 90 minute period.  We focus specifically on visual-motor skills, play skills, social skills, receptive and expressive language, as well as fine and gross motor abilities.  We are very aware of sensory processing difficulties and incorporate body awareness and sensory exploration activities into our classes.

Our Parent(s) and Me class is structured in a way where each parent-child pair has time to interact with other families and receives individual attention from the instructor each week.  Classes rotate through centers or stations, each with a specific skill to teach to the child.  This allows for every child to move at his/her own pace.

Some supplies will be available during each class period, though it is encouraged to collect a box of supplies that can travel with each family between class and home so practice can happen.

For more information about current classes, call the VBS office at 845-765-0463.