When we offer training to parents and school staff we call it a learning experience. Not only do we teach general theoretical information about the basics of human behavior and ABA, but we also teach child-specific information to help apply this new knowledge. We want parents and school staff to leave our training feeling empowered to create positive behavior change in their children.<span style=”mso-spacerun: yes;”> </span>Parents and school personnel can use these trainings for children with a variety of skill-deficits and behavioral needs. While we certainly have a lot of material about special education, our training topics are not limited to it. Classes are geared toward all adults that live and work with kids and young adults with any kinds of needs, general and special education alike. We are flexible about the format of the trainings—we can do small or large groups of Teacher’s Assistants/Aides, workshops for professional staff, weekly/monthly for parents.

Beyond the Time-Out Chair: An introduction to the basics of Applied Behavior Analysis and easy how-to lessons on creating positive behavior changes for individuals.

Use Your Words: Using ABA methodology, help improve your child’s spontaneous language in the areas of requesting and commenting.

Potty Training 101: This is a course designed to help parents troubleshoot through potty training using ABA methods.

Decreasing Complicated Behaviors: The most effective way to decrease self-stimulatory and self-injurious behavior is to teach appropriate leisure skills. This course takes a look at the function of these complicated behaviors and how to teach alternative behaviors.

Parent Learning Experiences are offered in large or small groups. Classes are held at schools, libraries, community centers, medical facilities, SEPTA meetings, or in private homes.